• Friday 30


    Main Stage

Having tremendous success for numerous singles, mixes and for hit albums like If Live Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade, Stefano Miele, or rather Riva Starr, was the most gossipped about name in the 2010 dance world. House is his forte, not afraid of experimentation with New York production, and also not with the comparisons to tribalistic visions of Luciano and Ricardo Villalobos.

His mixes are characterised by freedom, creativity and a passionate musical melting pot in general which can be found in his birth town of Naples. Miele has not only mixed samples of East European sound effects, Kusturica (Bulgarian Chicks, Black Cat White Cat), tapered sax (Black Mama), Caribbean (Maria), piano accordion (Caballeros) but also afrobeat, gypsy, kletzmer, South American, the Conga, Barracuda. Stefano is firmly convinced that the world of music is ready and waiting for electronic contamination.

Last May Riva Starr stated to sentireascoltare that creating House is like using a magicians hat: You can do whatever you want. Use your hands without knowing what will be. Making real music without searching for a hit at all costs.

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