• Friday 30

    Palazzo Re Enzo

    Salone del Podestà

Author of the fresh Night Music that dipicts the loving musician of the 70s, the ex Married Monk, and still existing member of Zombie Zombie, Etienne Jaumet is, before any styles set, the spokesperson of a sonic experience.

Along with Gianluca Petrella, a trombonist among the best in the world as well as the unquestioned protagonist of the Italian jazz-tronic, his music is open to new forms of improvisation where rhythm and clouds of synthesizer flow together in a dreamlike and danceable mix.

Etienne Jaumet on the synth, drum machine, theremin and sax, Gianluca on the trombone, Fender Rhodes and effects, propose a unique set and therefore not easily categorized, fluid in passing between genres and careful in creating their own way and performance times.

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