Severin Leblanc video
Severin Leblanc
  • Friday 30

    Palazzo Re Enzo

    Area Pro
  • Saturday 01

    Palazzo Re Enzo

    Area Pro

Séverin Leblanc è un graphic designer con base a Lille.
Generated visual performance with Quartz Composer and leaving VDMX possible improvisation. The audio system is reactive, the sound is captured through the sound card (microphone or line). He realize the graphics then he has to live in quartz and VDMX, he recently worked on the sensor and accelerometer features of mobile elements and scenes react in real time to any movements of the laptop. Perfect for dj set or Worshop.
He also makes wood LED panels, these luminous objects are controllable with a small remote control (possibility of automatic program). They can hang on the wall or floor, he has different size and a lot of different graphics, he print graphic works from Quartz composer on the plexiglass, it gives a customizable graphic object timber backlit with LEDs.

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