international collaborations

international collaborations

Realizing a festival doesn’t only mean creating a receptacle for suggestions, offers and proposals, but also to envisage an event that is both the centre of a cultural melting-pot, and an opportunity for young budding artists of every nationality to diffuse their ideas in new contexts and new challenges. The festival becomes a point of reference and an abode for all forms of creativity. Art and music don’t have a resting place, they are universal, and resign that they investigate into art and music their reason to be, meaning therefore they can’t be exempt from networking. Pushed by this prospective and “global thinking” affinity gives birth to the will, or rather the mutual necessity, to be open in respect to the reality that functions on various territorial contexts and also to work together towards the same objectives. roBOt has built a network of connections with the most interesting festivals on an international panorama: F.A.D., Digital Art festival in Belo Horizonte, and Freemote, the festival in Utrecht curated by Born Digital.
In stages, the bases of a project with long-term collaborations have been put together, establishing  year after year involvement from the two festivals. The collaborations have created an artistic exchange. roBOt04 will host Brazilian and Dutch artists that will present their pieces of work during the Bolognese festival. Vice-versa, artists who participated in the last edition of Call4roBOt will perform their own work in these two important  international festivals.

- Partnership with Freemote festival, Utrecht, Nederland. Presentation of a video mapping project. Everything. Never.
- Partnership with “FAD” festival, Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Presentation of  Brazilian labels Conteudo Recoords and live performances: Hol.


FREEMOTE 11 is a gathering of electronic artists & a shared exposure event in a former railway warehouse in Utrecht (NUtrecht). A stage for contemporary creative communities and enlighted souls. Share & create together on topic. 5 days of (inter)national co-creation, installations, performances, exhibitions, screenings, AV performances and more. Freemote is made by Born Digital, an electronic art assembly with a production house based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Specialized in video mapping, motion graphics and audio visualization. We focus on ambient media in the production of stage performances and installations, an audiovisual netlabel, festival and creative events.


In a world where the use of new technologies and tools affect the search, research and experimentation of new artistic languages, the FAD emerges as a space for exchanges and exhibition of what has been produced in this field by Brazilian and international artists. Since 2007, and always taking place in Belo Horizonte, the FAD is a digital media art festival which aims to discover and present to the public the artistic content developed or processed, in any of its production stages, by means of computers, software, hardware, cellphones, camcorders, digital cameras, electronic and/or digital devices. Thereby, the festival supports and contributes to the production, implementation and consolidation of digital art in the country. All of the FAD activities are open and free of charge.

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