The link between art gallery and dancefloor, Beatrice Dillon from London is the metal side of techno today

An act by Beatrice Dillon moves the body as much as it stimulates the mind. Composer, producer dj; her range comprises any genre you can imagine, from ambient to world music, from techno to soundtracks for visual artists, from dub to ‘studies for samplers and percussion’ (the title of her incredible album from 2015 with Rupert Clervaux). She has an archive of endless sounds inside the head, a radio show (two hours a month on NTS, podcasts are online), an important discography - from solo LPs or in collaboration with kindred spirits, club tracks mixed into MP3s or cassettes (the epic jam with Ben UFO that was just released). It’s a set that restores – raised to the nth degree - the sense of mystery in the discovery of something unknown, the curiosity to see what happens next over and over again.