Again this year, Bologna. Again this year, a location that has a great symbolic meaning. Again this year, the desire to accommodate your emotions at its best.

Locations that are rich in history: past, present, future. Locations that for the arts and digital cultures are an achievement, an adventure, and not a granted container. Since its origins, these fundamental principles were unavoidable to ROBOT. For a deeper, more intense and meaningful story.



roBOt08 Manifesto

MAIN Venues

Ex Ospedale dei Bastardini

Via D'Azeglio, 41 / Bologna

A long history of sharing, growth, reciprocation of love and affection, to whom who could not have a biological family. It was a refuge for the most vulnerable, a salvation for those in Bologna who were abandoned right after birth: the ‘bastardini’ were infants who were left in the ‘wheel’ at the entrance by parents who did not want to be parents. In the historic centre of Bologna, a stronghold for the weak and marginalised, who here have found a possibility, a piece of hope that had been taken from them. Abandoned for years, now, the former part of ex Ospedale Bastardini has risen to new life. The walls remain the same, the activities that take place inside, establish a state of continuity with the past: a shelter from life when it gets bitter, a place to stay well and to forget the worries of everyday life, even if only for an evening, one never realises when night comes, before the dawn of a new era.


Via Don Giovanni Minzoni, 18 / Bologna

In architecture, ‘Il cassero’ is a fortification designed in the Middle Ages as the last defence of a castle; In Bologna, they can be found standing by each of the doors of the ancient wall that are still standing, but here the Cassero with a capital C is just the one, that time will remember as the first site in Porta Saragozza. Since 2002, relocated to Via Don Minzoni 18, broadens the discussion in terms of programming: parties are born between these walls, whose scope has gradually expanded making them the subject of export, where DJs and world renowned producers have passed through, often discovered and valued before the rest of the world. The spirit of strongholds such as Warehouse or Paradise Garage is revived here.

roBOt08 Manifesto


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