Neapolitan blood, Berliner heart, or vice versa: results don’t change in any case. Massimo Di Lena and Lucio Aquilina, hailing from Naples, then relocated to Berlin, moulding a sound made of heart and soul, close enough to the perfect definition of techno: “George Clinton and Kraftwerk stuck in an elevator” (thank you Derrick May). Therein lies an alien flow, merged in a sound as deep & soulful as the Great Mother Heart whose pumping heart means Africa. Their first album “The Tony Allen Experiments” (2016) came out as a collective effort with the Afrobeat drum master (Fela Kuti anyone?), the equivalent of jamming with Brian Wilson for anybody who cultivates any vague ambition in writing the perfect pop song. Then it’s already time for the next step: 2018 “Nuova Napoli” builds a bridge between yesterday and tomorrow, ranging from Eduardo de Filippo to James Senese, from the Cosmic Club floor (legendary Italian Disco club from the ’70’s, now defunct) to the Tresor basement on a night of sweat and carbon dioxide.




World premiere for a show projected and conceived specifically for RBTX. No previous dates: to see and hear how it sounds like, the only option is to come here and stop by.

Napoli Segreta exist as djset since 2015, from an idea of Famiglia Discocristiana and DNApoli (real name Gianpaolo Della Noce), collector and DJ; from day one in continual search for the most hidden Neapolitandisco-funk pearls ranging between the ’70s and’ 80s. Once the flame is lit, there’s no turning back: ever more crowded nights have been and still are the demonstration that there is an audience for a world that seemed unknown but, since then, it’s not so hidden. The compilation “Volume 1” comes out in June 2018, to fix some points; it is not yet known whether it will be the first of a series or it will remain an isolated episode, because – to use the very same words of the compilers themselves – there is only one way to make Naples truly secret. Don’t talk about it at all.

Nu Guinea, already at RBTX to present the latest effor “Nuova Napoli”, join forces forces for a djset destined to remain in the history of the festival.