This is history marking its way at RBTX. Not a claim, that’s a fact: this is this, ain’t something else. Andrew Weatherall should not be idolized regardless: all you need to do is being on the spot when the speakers turn on to understand. He seems to be around for ages, still many chapters ain’t been written yet. For sure, Weatherall’s resume is astonishing to say the least: capital remixes for New Order, My Bloody Valentine, Björk among others, the game-changing partnership with Primal Scream, after which nothing will ever be as it was, then the acid house / dub recognitions in Sabres Of Paradise, a milestone in Warp catalogue of the formative years, then Two Lone Swordsmen, with Keith Tenniswood, reinventing from scratch genres, styles and sounds in a way no-one could ever replicate (american house, London sound, straightforward electro, dark-rok, you name it). Then his solo career, still going strong. A truly anarchic spirit, combined with an anxiety that simply prevents him from sitting down, staying tied to a style for too long, all this makes Andrew Weatherall one of a kind, of which there are no replicas nor epigones: simply, of those like him – if there have ever been others – they threw away the mold the day he was born.