Its name itself carries the description of Brian Shimkovitz’ project: awesome music from Africa, strictly on tape. It all started out in 2006 as a blog of archival purposes: Brian coming back to the US with tons of tapes of African music he collected during the years spent in West Africa – ranging from highlife to hip hop and everything in between plus some – converting on MP3 and putting his treasure trobe online via, that’s where it all began. In 2011, ATFA turns into a vinyl label, specialized in re-releasing records by African artists we were completely unaware of – Bola, Dur-Dur Band, Hailu Mergia among others – then his final step: becoming a DJ. His sets on twin tape decks bring the work of the greatest ethnomusicologist ever exixted – Alan Lomax – to the next level. Alan Lomax never even considered being a DJ; that’s why Brian Shimkovitz is in the zone.