Staying true to a vision, yet changing sking from time to time: this is what Caterina Barbieri keeps doing in every live show. Long instrumental fugues in analog overload, be it the glorious Buchla 200 – the equivalent for synths of what has been, and still is, Fender Stratocaster for electric guitars – for his debut “Vertical”, or the ER-101/Verbos Electronics Complex Oscillator double dare on her latest “Patterns Of Consciousness”, same difference: each and every time, anyway, a series of psychic tunnels in which the only thing you know for sure is where and when the first note starts, all else is frontier. Here the prerequisites: close your eyes, lay down and forget it. The journey is just the beginning; lose any known coordinate and then find yourself, return to reality with the certainty of having grasped some more details in the general picture, these are direct consequences.

“The stratified nature of consciousness and the relativity of perception are among the greatest secrets we can experience through sound.”