Double bass, guitar and drum machines (MPC, Korg Electribe, just some of the tools of the trade): this is how the alliance between DJ Rou and Lite Orchestra unfolds. From summer 2014 between Verona and Bologna, in the name of a groove that’s been around born for a long time, rising from the basements during the Prohibition era as well as the soundtracks for ’70s thriller flicks, from the pioneering djsets in the first clubs as well as the wild improvisations captured in jazz albums recorded live in studio. Afro jazz funk hybridized by electronics in a confidential flow, enriched by a fourth component for live shows – Fabio Vidali at the horns. Another journey in time for RBTX, from the ’20s of the last century to tomorrow for your listening pleasure.

The first meeting between DJ Rou and Lite Orchestra took place in March 1986, in a textile market in Beirut. The cedar trees of Lebanon and the mild climate quickly convinced the cheerful team to give up a life made of expedients and try to break into the entertainment world. All traces of the formation were lost following a turbulent night in an infamous club in the suburbs. Until today. Electronic drums create the musical space to build lines and themes, instrumental contaminations and harmonic short circuits, everything soaked in groove. The double bass and the saxophone, the guitar, the stems with the triggers, tropical rains of kisses, rotating discs and much more will alternate on the stage of Robot festival.

Live Setting

DJ Rou: Drum machines, turntables

La Chi: Double Bass

Thomas Pizzini: Guitar

Cristina Mazza: Alto Sax

Nick Turri: Percussions