Another Italian excellence which has literally redesigned the boundaries of house music from its very foundations. From day one among the top sellers of IRMA Records, Bolognese stronghold that has been able to lead in house music as well as lounge, hip hop, acid jazz, Don Carlos moves between deep house and garage with a touch that does not know equal, only feeble epigones. Always in the forefront as a DJ since the late ’70s, ten years later he starts his career as a producer; one of the most radical innovators of all time, the very concept of “old school” can not be separated from his tracks. “Alone”, “Mediterraneo”, the cover of Sylvester’s “You make me feel” sung by Byron Stingily, just some of his tunes which literally anyone has danced to at least once in a lifetime. For RBTX, another important clash between past and future: club classics recorded yesterday, as if they were released the day after tomorrow. In later years, his apparitions have become sparse and distant from one another; that’s why being able to attend one of his sets is a rare privilege.