“Grew up in New York City. Introduced to DJing in the late 80s as a teenager, been DJing ever since.”
So says Resident Advisor. Not so much to add to outline a man who puts deeds way before words since day one. As a producer, he drops his first bomb in 2002, the title speaks for itself: No More Heros. So the following: Complicated People, The Thrill of Love. All under a sign of a violently slowed down techno, lethal in terms of emotional charge. Getting straight to the point with few, well-addressed steps, taking the time that’s needed. The first album, self-titled, comes out in 2015. in the meantime, a relocation in Berlin, the foundation of his own label Novel Music, just another way to address his self expression on a road which remains travelled in fierce solitude (check the acronym), above all an infinite series of djsets that are crystal-clear proof of how the spirit and the feeling can in the end coexist (despite what Ian Curtis once said). He’s a sniper, sitting quietly on the river bank as well as on the decks, hood always on his head like sunglasses for Lou Reed or the perennially lighted cigarette for DJ Gregory. A heart throbbing in the core of the most fleshy, vibrant analog sound, typical of the great classics of all time.