Midnight between June 28th and 29th intersects the destinies of Mattia Trani and Giuseppe Maffei ever since the birthdate: now that’s what is called predestination. Giuseppe AKA Z.I.P.P.O. starts as a DJ at age 15, driven by a passion that effortlessly switches between funk and hip hop. Mattia, with the same passion, in other territories, holds up the spirit of a name difficult to carry, where many others would have been crushed. Few sons have been able to stand up to their fathers on the same field. In fact, the list is very short: Michael Douglas, Jeff Buckley. DJs, producers, no one up to now. Met in Berlin, the pair has been keeping the Conversation between Berlin and Bologna in a series of confidential jams between drum machines and effects (Giuseppe) and keyboards/synths (Mattia); the result is in the album that bears the same name, hot of the press (as they once said), whose few and selected dates – RBTX among whom – represent the definitive testing of a sound which would be called “freaky funk flow”: broken beats, electronic jazz, deep and sinuous layers in full hour of the wolf fashion, heart and soul. Let’s all meet on the midnight express.