Theremin is the instrument in which hands do not touch cords or keys but move through the air and the movement produces a sound that is a portal wide open to unknown universes of the mind. Introducing RBTX’s unidentified flying object: electronic that is usually unfit to dance but here it makes you dance. You don’t happen to find them in the club, but the soundwaves they carry, so difficult to master, have contaminated many clubs over the years. Theremin was born at the beginning of the 20thcentury and spans decades of music history of any kind, always here in every incarnation, in every mutation. From jazz to Mike Patton to dance festivals, the pace is short: all that’s needed to know is where and how to put your hands. The list is long: Beach Boys, Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream, “Star Trek” theme, Michael Jackson … now, today, OoopopoiooO means the Pillars of Hercules of theremin.