For those who remember the TV series in the glorious 90s, this is undoubtedly the stupidest yet funniest name in the whole RBTX program. Just don’t think this is a joke: open your ears and let Felix Clary Weatherall do the talking with his arsenal of vintage machines (and even saxophones, keyboards and electric guitars on his live sets). Summer 2015 was the time he dropped the bomb: Talk to me you’ll understand, seven minutes which easily and immediately re-designed the boundaries of an entire universe, joining and immediately overcoming the entire wave of so-called “lo fi house” producers. Ross/Felix (whichever way you wanna call him) stands on a league of its own, you know it just listening to his tracks: Aphelion, first release on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder, being the latest installment. Perfectly fitting in the spirit of RBTX, Ross brings a set in which future and past coexist. Only one question remains unanswered: will he be joined by Joey and Chandler at the decks?