Suz’s new incarnation comes in tandem with Tunisian producer Youssef Labidi AKA Obsqure – in his name, something like a statement of intent. A pitch-black, liquid sound, viscous as oil, the ideal counterpart for her flow we know best: trip-hop with a soul beat, a jazz spirit, feet standing in the 90s, head pointing where we will be tomorrow. It is a matter of contamination which brought to their full-length “Crossroads”, literally: paths crossing both metaphorically and practically. A swirling melange of styles, genres, tones, intonations from every latitude, that melting pot that finds full accomplishment on stage, in a live show driven by a voice as there are few. Important references lie in the first single, “Brave New World”, which starts from Huxley’s novel for a broader reflection on where we are, where we stand, the new forms of the planet we inhabit.