There are few artists whose name itself is enough to understand perfectly how it is, how it sounds. Trentemøller falls perfectly into that category: heart-wrenching live shows, where his brilliant productions were recreated to perfection, matched with indescribable visuals, brought the union between instruments and electronics to a level never reached by others; his remixes (for Röyksopp, Moby, The Knife among others), songs practically rewritten from top to bottom; his djsets, extraordinarily eclectic, literally unpredictable, have raised the standards of different notches, making the competition more difficult, each set a different story. In any case, a wonderful, amazing show that never gets boring. In each new set, a journey to the origins of sound where turns unexpectedly through electro, techno, trip hop, tech house, ambient, disco, funky, post rock, and everything in between. An important part of RBTX’s journey.