Being a selector is serious stuff, Vladimir Ivkovic is the living proof of it. Think your record collection makes any sense? Not any more now. For roBOt09 we brought Lena Willikens; now, for RBTX, meet her mentor. Born and raised in Belgrade when Yugoslavia was still a single state at its peak of alternative culture, then witnessing its subsequent disintegration, Vladimir Ivkovic knows damn well how to find the rarest vinyls carrying the most obscure beats. After relocating to Dusseldorf, he has been for a long time the master of ceremonies at Salon des Amateurs, a bar of artists that, under his guidance, became the most respected underground club in the city (so said Resident Advisor as well as whoever set foot there). Here Lena Willikens became a household name; here, every DJ reserves the best records for sets which you may not hear elsewhere. Here, Ivkovic founded his own record label, Offen Music, in other words the redefinition of the whole concept of “rare grooves”. In each Ivkovic set, sound research never becomes boring nor even remotely uninteresting: Vladimir doesn’t lecture anyone on anything. Hi only goal: to make people dance more and better, especially the ones who think they know better.