Marco Sterk AKA Young Marco prefers to keep the roles of DJ and producer separated, for good reason. In the first case, an encyclopedic knowledge, acquired along hundreds of hours, days, months spent in search of the rarest vinyl, the most exclusive white label, allowed him to assemble a collection of records to make the most compulsive archivist blush: those are his tools of the trade, with which he chisels something very close to the perfect djset. As a producer instead he does his thing, in solo as in the ambient project Gaussian Curve, with Gigi Masin and Johnny Nash: from the debut “Biology” onwards, he unravels panoramas in constant dialogue between past and future perfect, oftentime amphibian, almost Drexciya-like landscapes, boundless liquid prairies as far as the eye can see. Panoramas that redraw the whole geography of Amsterdam, his headquarters, as well as the rest of whichever planet he’s standing on at the time. The name he’s chose for himself stands as an understatement: he may be young, does it make any difference? Age is just a number on your ID.