Piazza del Nettuno, 1/C, 40125 Bologna BO

A majestic gothic building located in the historic center of the city of Bologna, Palazzo Re Enzo was built as an appendix to the Palazzo del Podestà. It owes its name to King Enzo of Sardinia, son of Frederick II of Swabia, who was imprisoned here from 1249 until his death (14 March 1272). For years now it has become a crucial space for exhibitions, events and concerts, many of which are linked to the activities of ROBOT Festival. For ROBOT 11, the stunning Salone del Podestà on the first floor will once again welcome among its frescoed walls one of the most popular dancefloors of the festival.


Piazza della Costituzione, 4, 40128 Bologna BO

Opened in 1975 next to Bologna Fiere, the former Modern Art Gallery of Bologna, precursor of the current MAMbo, hosted within its walls some of the greatest works of modern and contemporary art of the last century. In the summer of ’77, “Imponderabilia”, one of the performances that made Marina Abramovic one of the most acclaimed contemporary artists, was held in this location. A space dedicated to art since his beginning, headquarters of the ROBOT Festival 11th edition. 


Via Camillo Casarini, 19, 40131 Bologna BO

Where the railway station of Ravone once stood, now there is DumBO, a new space close to Bologna Central Station and the result of one of the most important urban regeneration projects of recent times. Six buildings with a total covered area of ​​over 18 thousand square meters and 20 thousand square meters outdoors. This is where the ROBOT 11 closing event will take place. DumBO’s challenge is to become a new district for culture and social aggregation in the coming years, combining creativity and sustainability in one place.